‘Against all my negative thinking I did indeed pass Advanced tax.  Thank you for all your help I could not have done it without you. I am still on target to qualify in June 2012’

Lyn's empowering and action oriented coaching has been of tremendous value to me. Lyn's coaching has facilitated clear creative thinking, enabling me to find new options and choices in my personal and professional life. I highly recommend Lyn's coaching services. Sholeh

I contacted Lyn after feeling at a cross roads in my life and feeling I was completely unsure where to go or which way to turn with several options open to me and with several different important commitments. She is a friendly and calm person, who somehow knows how to ask the right questions. Lyn helped me to discover which aspects of my life I enjoyed and those that I wanted to pursue further as well as helping me to focus on the next step and allow me to work with my commitments important to me. I am now focused on a career path that I am passionate about and have already made headway. Thanks Lyn you made all the difference to my life. Emma

‘Coaching with Lyn has really empowered me to focus in on the key parts of my personal and professional life. Her energized presence has led me to many great insights and propelled me to set and begin achieving some very inspiring goals. Thank you.’  Jaz

Talking to Lyn helped me to focus on my actual goals, rather than getting side tracked by other things. I could then look at my various priorities and find a way to make things happen. It helped to bounce ideas off of an independent person. Thanks to the process we worked through I have achieved my personal goals and am very satisfied, but also have a framework for achieving things in the future. Thank you. K Penrose