Heartfelf Consulting

Heartfelt consulting is the partnership of Dr Patricia Saintey {see below}, an independent integrated medical practitioner and practicing GP, and Lyn Page a coach {see below}. We pull together our background training and experiences, and also draw on training from Complete Coherence Ltd http://www.complete-coherence.com/ and Results Coaching Systems http://www.resultscoachingsystems.co.uk/ , to provide you with a unique individual programme to

  • Excel as a high achiever despite intense pressure
  • Take control of your health and wellbeing despite suffering a chronic disease
  • Boost your energy to new levels
  • Truly achieve work / life balance
  • Improve your health and wellbeing
  • Regain a youthful zest for life

The simple and highly effective techniques that we use are being used around the world by individuals from FTSE 250 executives, top athletes and individuals from all walks of life.

The  skills  you will gain from our programme are useable in all aspects of life from beating the ‘Monday blues’, successfully participating in high powered negotiations, to ending the day with loads of energy to get the most from your evenings as well as managing and avoiding chronic health issues.

In essence we look at your underlying physiology with the aid of either a 24 hour heart monitor or by using an integrated cardio sense trainer, which is a simple ear attachment monitor to look at your heart rate variability {HRV explanation below}. The information we gather paints a picture of your individual physiology which underpins your daily performance {IPM see below}

The data we get from your monitoring in conjunction with an individual medical assessment in an extended initial consultant (up to 2 hours) is evaluated and used to build you an individual programme of improvement. The results will be fedback to you in a user friendly way and you will be coached through the programme. Your progress will monitored and the programme will be adapted as required along the way. This is a sustainable programme of change which takes a minimum of three months to achieve {see change and the brain below}.


We have connections with various other individuals who we can draw on, if appropriate, to assist in your progress:

  • *      Karen Hodder – light therapy and detox specialist
  • *      Tai Chi
  • *      Felicity – Alexander technique 
  • *      Yoga
  • *      Homeopathy
  • *      Nutrition


This programme requires commitment from you to make the improvements and the results then have no limits. Research from CCL shows that our energy levels decrease by on average 3% per annum and a programme with us can increase your energy levels on average by 30% or 10 years.


As well as individual programmes we also offer:

  • *      Half days taster experiences for small groups in a beautiful Somerset cottage setting just off of A303.These days consist of a one to one introduction session with Tricia to briefly review your medical history, an introduction to the cardio sense trainer with Lyn and an introduction to the power of light therapy with Karen Hodder. These sessions are by prior booking and arrangement. 
  • *      A series of 2 hour workshops. These make great socials for clubs and group such as riding clubs as well as being applicable to the work environment. A combination of these workshops can be bolted together to make half or full day workshops

 Please contact us for a further no obligation discussion on any of these options on …………………………………….

‘it is only when we are prepared to go too far, that we learn our limits’


Tricia’s profile – add a picture

Dr Patricia Saintey began her medical career as a doctor in the army and as a regular serving officer. After leaving the army she took up General Practice in Somerset where she worked full time as a partner in a practice in Chard for 9 years. A prolonged sabbatical, forced initially by her own health, enabled her to undergo a variety of studies looking into nutrition, homeopathy, craniosacral therapy and finally embarking on a Diploma in Integrated Medicine looking into the evidence behind complementary therapies. Her keen interest in health inequalities prompted her to become Chairman of a local charity SHINE, aimed at trying to reduce health inequalities in the area by using the voluntary sector. Tricia has now returned to the NHS in General Practice and with the knowledge gained during her sabbatical practices in a holistic way. Her own experiences have fuelled her to set up, with Lyn, the ‘Heartfelt Consulting’ business. Tricia likes to work with local therapists to support and encourage patients to take back control and responsibility for their own health.



Lyn’s Profile – add a picture

Lyn Page is a Lifestlye Coach with a background in accountancy and the corporate world. Training and qualifying as a Certified Accountant whilst working full time in practice, before moving into industry where she worked for two leading companies in their respective industry and a world leading professional body. Lyn has held roles as both a financial and a management accountant and managed teams of staff through changing times. Lyn has first-hand experience of turning redundancy into opportunity and is a Results trained coach, holding a Certificate in Coaching Skills.

Prior to formal training Lyn always used her own coaching style when managing people and teams. She is a reliable and flexible coach who will keep you focused and on track to achieve and indeed exceed your goals. She will challenge and support you to achieve your goals.



HRV click through

Medicine widely uses heart rate as an indication of an individual’s health and we are probably all familiar with this image:


We need the variation with the heart beat in terms of high and low points as this indicates we are alive. 

What we may be less familiar with is that every heart beat varies in length as shown in the diagram above (0.859 sec v 0.793 sec v 0.744sec etc). This variability can be used to see if a heart is working in chaos or coherence. If we can achieve coherence the very heart of us is working at optimum efficiency and not wasting precious energy.

The long term wear on a body that can be seen in this form of HRV assessment is linked with long term chronic disease and burn out. Learning techniques to promote coherence at any point on one’s life can either reduce the occurrence or impact for such problems.



IPM click through

If we look at the Integrated Performance Model (courtesy of CCL) we can see that our physiology is at the root of our daily results and performance:

{show diagram}

Our physiology effects how our brains function as demonstrated in this youtube clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD-lfP1FBFk

What we have learnt is that if an individual can change their physiology they can effect a change in their performance.


Change and the brain

The human brain has a massive capacity to hard wire routines and habits so that our sub conscientious brain can operate them for us freeing up our conscientious brain to process new information.